Now more than anytime in history is a great time to become a helicopter pilot. There is a national shortage of pilots for many reasons. Most of the helicopter pilots from the Vietnam era are at the retiring age and the production of helicopters is at an all time high creating a situation where there just are not enough pilots to fly the amount of ships being produced. Now, more than anytime in history, is the time to change the view from your office window.

Your training will be done exclusively in the Robinson helicopter. Why? Because Robinson is the largest manufacturer of helicopters and has sold the most helicopters ever by a manufacturer in a single year, 806. That is a substantial amount over their closest competitors.

Our luxury R44 Raven II is the ultimate helicopter for all uses... scenic flights, romantic flights, IFR training, sky diving, law enforcement support, and aerial photography. The R44 is a four place helicopter with leather interior and air conditioning!!! For those who expect excellence and appreciate value, the Raven II delivers the performance of an expensive turbine helicopter at an affordable piston price. Its sleek design, impressive speed, and unparalleled reliability give it the competitive edge in today's fast-paced, changing environment.

Of course, the most efficient primary training helicopter available today is the R22. In 2005, Robinson sold 127 R-22’s compared with the Schweitzer 300c, which sold 8. That means Robinson Helicopters have accounted for roughly 90 percent of the US helicopter output. There are no signs of this demand slowing down. They are easily the fastest growing training helicopters and are sold to a great many commercial operators because of cost effectiveness, safety standards and great performance capabilities. Robinson helicopters are used extensively in flight training and utility operations.

As a commercial pilot and a CFI it is a great advantage to have trained in a Robinson, something future employers are aware of. Since you ultimately have to instruct at a flight school to accumulate your required hours, keep in mind that Robinsons out number Schweitzer’s 27:1 in the industry. If you train in a Robinson and decide to work at a flight school that train in Schweitzer’s, you can start instructing in a Schweitzer with only 5 transitional hours. If you train in a Schweitzer and want to work for a school that trains in Robinsons you will have to pay for an additional 50 hours of transition time. So why not start out in the right helicopter? Ultimately, employers like to hire Robinson pilot because there is a general rule stating that if you can fly a Robinson you can fly anything, as long as you can start it.

Aerial photography- Situated in the Sierra foothills above Sacramento, our area is a hot bed for photography. From the great Sierra mountain range to the extensive central valley of California, we are in a very photo “op” area of the state.

For those who are just not sure if they want to fly helicopters or might be a little apprehensive about helicopter flight in general, we offer a 30 minute flight to introduce you to the world of helicopters. And if you have the urge, we will even let you take the controls and fly it for yourself just to see what it is like. I have yet to see a passenger without a smile on their face. This lesson is set up with 30 minutes of ground school conducted at the helicopter explaining how the helicopter flies, what each control does, how to read the gauges, what to look for in conducting the pre-flight inspection and making sure the helicopter is safe to fly. Then we go fly for 30 minutes. What could be better?

What an awesome gift to give to someone! What can I say about this? There’s just nothing like an hour flight to give someone as a birthday, anniversary, or whatever gift.

We are one of the few locations in the state that will rent the R-22 to qualified pilots. Call us up and see if you qualify to take the helicopter yourself.

These are just a couple of the many different services we offer to meet the needs of the helicopter community. Call us up and give us a chance. If we can’t get you taken care of I’ll bet we know someone who can!